Heat Block Dry Block Incubator Dry Bath Test Tube Incubator

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   Mit    พฤหัสฯ. 14 พ.ค. 2009 7:47 pm
Heat Block Dry Block Incubator Dry Bath Waterless Test Tube Incubator High Performance for Modern Laboratory.
# High performance digital waterless test tube incubator heat block dry bath
# Microprocessor base control provided precision and stable temperature
# Digital LED display with 0.1 degree precision temperature
# Digital temperature and easy digital programmable with 0.1 degree step
# Intelligent temperature control provide very stable temperature
# Twing modular aluminum blocks can be customized by choosing two kind of well sizes to fit specific applications
# Only 10 minutes startup time
# Easy operations
# Built-in digital timer
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Mit ThermoBlock Dry Bath incubator Dry Block Incubator Heat Block Incubator Blood bank incubator Cross-matching incubator DNA incubator
By Medical Instrument Technology Co.,Ltd.

New PID controller provide very stable temperature, Compact designed.

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   Mit    พฤหัสฯ. 14 พ.ค. 2009 7:54 pm
ThermoBlock a product designed and manufactured by Mit THAILAND.
Please contact Mit customer support center, OEM Product welcome :P
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Heat Block Dry Block Incubator Dry Bath Test Tube Incubator • LAB Instrument Hematology Analyzer WBC Differential Counter Heat Block Incubator DryBath DiffCount Genius Count ThermoBlock