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Launch of V38 Fitness: Designed and run by Kanchana (Tuk) Pleanjun and her life/business partner Tim Acton, V38 Fitness brings a completely new way of exercising to Bangkok since its recent grand opening. For this event, the three-time Guinness World Record holder Ginge Fullen completed a special unprecedented challenge. Within one week he went from the deepest spot in the Gulf of Thailand to the Kingdom?s highest mountain and finally ascended to a simulated altitude of 4000 meters in V38 Fitness? altitude simulation chamber, one of the gym?s signature resources. Further resources are an Endless Pool counter current system, that creates the fastest current available in swimming machines, and an extensive indoor and outdoor training area complete with Olympic-standard exercising machines, offering space for a variety of work-out courses and exercises. Athletes can now take their performance to new levels with the help of professional personal trainers at V38 Fitness, Bangkok?s most complete gym.

Photo shows (from left):

1. Ms. Winyuu Paradorn, Muay Thai World Champion and World Boxing Champion
2. Ms. Kanchana Pleanjun, V38 Fitness founder and owner
3. Mr. Tim Acton, V38 Fitness founder and owner
4. Mr. Ginge Fullen, former British Navy clearance diver who holds three Guinness World Records
5. Mr. Lance Palmer, from PADI five-star Mermaids Dive Center

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