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Job description:
English to Thai Freelance Translator –Life Science

About the Company

SDL is the global innovator in language translation technology, services and content management. With more than 20 years of experience, SDL creates transformative business results through nuanced digital experiences with customers around the world.

79 of the world’s largest brands along with more than 1,500 enterprises companies worldwide Translating in more than 200 languages shows the world SDL is a Leader in Language Translation technology, services and content management. More than 100,000 multichannel multilingual sites

The Position

Full-time or part-time freelance translator with remotely working (Not on-site)

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidates for these roles will have the following skills / experience:

• Thai native speakers who are available full-time or part-time working as a freelance translator, with a responsible attitude, as deadlines can be very tight.
• The following are mandatory criteria for Translators, whether staff or freelance:
• Preferably has a University degree in Life Sciences ·
• At least 2 years of experience in Life Sciences translation ·
• Native speaker for target language ·
• Must have strong command of English (oral and written)
• · Proven track record in the industry (minimum 5 years translation experience) · Proven subject matter expertise

Benefits you will gain

• Translation fee based on your completed task(s).

• Opportunity to work with our clients which are global and/or well-known companies.
• Opportunity to learn new things related with localization industry and also enhance your English skill.
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